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Why Must We Plan For Camping This Winter?

Why Must We Plan For Camping This Winter?

Posted on: June 18th, 2021

Yes, I put the words ‘camping’ and ‘winter’ above in the same sentence. But before you entirely reject the idea, first hear this out. Camping in the winter is not as crazy as it sounds. Lower temperatures refer to more minor bugs, more minor accessories, fewer people, and spectacular winter views you cannot witness in another year. Several markets offer outdoor camping tents for sale this season. You can ask them for a winter tent; the camping tent suppliers provide you the best according to the temperature.

From the first experience, I can share my experience that camping in minus degrees with snow swirling around your camping tent is one of the best experiences you can ever have. Here are some reasons why you have to embrace outdoor camping this winter:

Be mosquito free

One of the most significant bug bearers of summer camping is the swarm of mosquitos remaining around your site. You spend most nights dowsing yourself in bug spray and pungent on it more than the mosquitos.

However, in the cold season, mosquitos do not exist. They hide in the colder months, permitting you to eat your campfire meal peacefully and sleep soundly without that never-ending buzzing coming from somewhere within the limits of your camping tent.

Escape the crowds

It is not just the bugs that hide in the winter. Far some people camp in this season than in the summer months meaning campsites are less crowded. You can even have the site to yourself in some areas. However, no more crack-of-dawn drives to have the best camping spot or arriving late to find the last available camping plot is next to the shared bathrooms. Fewer people go out camping, so you can quickly get outdoor camping tents for sale at reasonable rates.

National Parks and hiking trails are quieter, if not empty, which gives you plenty of time to appreciate nature and spot some local wildlife that can have otherwise been scared away by crowds of visitors. Moreover, you do not need to carry much water and eatables like in the summer season.

Relish the solitude

Where hot summer mornings are full of chirping birds, hasty children, and swooshing bears, depends on your location, winter wake-up calls are very non-existent. Away from the noise of home life, a camping tent in the winter opens up a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘true bliss.’ The lack of sound is addictive and something that can keep you coming back every year.

Even in the whole day, your senses feel heightened as you crunch through the snow, fascinated by the solitude. One thing for sure, you can undoubtedly experience your daily dosage of zen.

Swap light pollution for a starry sky

Most people may find it hard to create an airplane, let alone a constellation when they gaze outside at night, cheers to the endless supply of light evasion from the ever-growing cities. However, several camping spots have no light pollution, making them the perfect setting for star watching. The winter season is the best for this nocturnal activity – shorter days mean darker and purer skies, so constellations and light displays are brighter and easier to see.

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