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What You Have To Consider While Buying A Soccer Goal?

What You Have To Consider While Buying A Soccer Goal?

Posted on: June 18th, 2021


The corners are an essential part of a plastic goal. The strength is necessary to keep the goal in shape and avoid the crossbar from plunging, and the goal looking like it is ready from plasticine! The more significant goal matters while playing soccer. An 8ft or 12ft broad goal cannot stay in shape with lightweight corners. For this purpose, if you are in the market for portable plastic soccer goals and foldable soccer nets, we might recommend Samba Soccer Goals as the corners on these soccer goals are up to 80% thicker than the ground corners on competitor’s goals. Thicker net corners = Stronger Goals.

Soccer Nets

The new principles for nets used on children’s soccer goals should have around 100mm squares. It is to prevent the chance of young children becoming entangled in the soccer net. The net is weatherproof and rotproof and ready from at least 2.5mm with thick polypropylene. However, all Samba Goals comply with some cheaper goals and use thinner soccer nets with larger squares to save your money.

Goalpost Safety

Portable plastic soccer goals have to comply with BSEN 71-1 and 3. The goal net manufacturers made standards to improve the safety of sports, playgrounds, and several other recreational types of equipment. British-made soccer goals like these from Samba Sports may usually have these safety standards, but unfortunately, many cheap replicas will not.


Though it is very tempting to purchase the lowest cost goals available, it unavoidably becomes a false economy. Purchase cheap, buy twice. Samba Goals are the original portable plastic soccer goals and have been in production for around 20 years. There are many copies of these soccer goals available, but in my opinion, none match the quality of the original Samba soccer Goals. The copies generally use thinner plastic parts, which concession the strength and quality of the foldable soccer nets. Cheaper goals are usually more reasonable for a reason.

Welded Corners

A steel or aluminum soccer goal can have a joined corner or a bracketed corner. The soccer goals with welded corners are the strongest, and the corner is one stiff piece that will not come drop. Goals with connected corners are cheaper and easier to manufacture but do not make the rigid enough in the essential part, the corners, and can come loose over time. If you search for a quality goal that will last, always try to purchase steel or aluminum goal with connected corners.

One-Piece Cross Bar

Some soccer goal manufacturers use crossbars ready from multiple sections on the Aluminium and Steel Goals. It saves them money on transport. These soccer goals are often imported from China, and you cannot ship the crossbars as a single length. Stay clear of these types of soccer goals.

A 12ft, 16ft, or 24ft broad soccer goal should not have a crossbar prepared by multiple lengths joined together through brackets.

All of the metal soccer goals prepared in the UK have single-section crossbars and can give you the strength obligatory on your goal.

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