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Repurposing Is The Best Option When A Tent Is Old

Repurposing Is The Best Option When A Tent Is Old

Posted on: August 17th, 2021

You can repurpose several different parts of your old tent to continue serving you for several more years to come. Repurposing is taking any item meant for some purpose and converting it for a different purpose. You can repurpose your best children’s play tent when it’s old in several different ways.

Tent Poles

You can repurpose tent poles in your garden to assist plant growth. You could paint the play tent poles a better color to fit in with your present garden colors. Moreover, you can use play tent poles to design and create your kite. It is a fun project to do with children. You can use rods for arts and crafts in numerous different ways if you are creative ample.

Tent Material

Play tent material is solid, and so you can repurpose it into many different items like:

  • Revamping your camping gear
  • Making stuff sacks for other camping gear
  • Creating a tent footprint for your tent
  • Creating some recyclable shopping bags
  • Crafting simple, but robust backpacks
  • Making durable wallets

Tent Stakes

People can use tent stakes to stake more than play tents. If you have extra camping tent stakes, consider using them for various other needs such as:

  • Sunshades
  • Beach umbrellas
  • Anything else that you can tie down
  • Keeping camp out chairs from falling over in the wind
  • Holding down tarps, comprising tent footprints
  • Staking down mats like shoe mats
  • Helping plants In the garden

Recycle Your Old Tent Using Online Shops

Someone else may want your best children’s play tent, even if you do not. Consider listing your old camping tent on an online store where you can provide it for free or for just the shipping charge. There are many sites to pick from, like eBay and Craigslist, where you can practically give away your old camp tent. It is beneficial if you do not want to repurpose the play tent yourself, as more than probably, there is someone out there that might love to repurpose it themselves.

Recycle Your play Tent At A Yard Sale or Garage Sale

If you might rather stay local and you have other stuff you want to get rid of but not essentially throw away, one thing you could do is sell it out of your yard or garage. Generally, the asking price is meager as your biggest priority is getting rid of it yourself without actually tossing it away. Hopefully, someone can find a purpose in your old play tent better than you can.

Recycle Your PLAY Tent Using A Local Reusing Center

Recycling centers can recycle about anything for you, generally for free, and sometimes they will pay you. You probably will not get paid for the material that your play tent is ready from. Still, some recycling centers can help suitably dispose of your old tent for you, especially as tents are typically prepared from manufactured materials that are challenging but not impossible to recycle outright.

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