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Do’s And Dont’s: How To Clean The Canopy Tent

Do’s And Dont’s: How To Clean The Canopy Tent

Posted on: July 29th, 2021

All your folding tents have intended in a way that you can set them up or takedown in a few seconds. Experts recommend that you store your tents away correctly after using them to protect them, either a beach canopy tent or castle princess tent.

There are four steps to clean your canopy tent properly.

1) Clean your canopy tent: clear general debris.

With your roof still secured to your tent frame, gently brush away any leaves, loose dirt, or general debris that’s accumulated on your tent’s fabric roof.

2) Clean canopy tent: Gently wash.

You can start by rinsing the tent’s fabric of the roof and sidewalls with water. You can avoid using high-pressure washing or sharp tube jets. You cannot clean your tent cleaned with water alone; you can use a mild detergent or spray cleaner to wash the remaining dirt from the tent. Experts recommend using a soft cloth or any sponge to protect the wellbeing of your canopy tent’s waterproof and fire-retardant protecting coats. You can rinse with lukewarm water. Never machine wash the tent roof and avoid bleaching products.

3) Dry canopy tent altogether.

Without removing your tent roof from the frame, allow your freshly cleaned canopy tent to dry completely to stop any mold growth from packed-away moisture. Your canopy tent frame serves as a perfect drying stand in a well-ventilated area.

4) Properly pack and store the clean canopy tent.

Properly pack away your canopy tent like your castle princess tent in its PVC transport bag in a secure, dry place until subsequent usage or your next big event!

How to Wash a Moldy Canopy Tent?

Damp tent fabric can harbor mold, giving it a funky smell. You can use the commercial enzyme cleaner to deep-clean a canopy tent with mold and mildew. Never soak the canopy tent any longer than recommended on the bottle to prevent breaking down the waterproof polyurethane coating.

Provide the Tent Some Finishing Touches

  • When the tent is clean and dry, take the time to estimate the condition of the zippers, seams, and mesh. You can make any repairs as desired.
  • Patch ripped layers with a small sewing kit and re-waterproof them by applying a canopy tent sealing product.
  • Scrub zips with an old toothbrush to remove dirt and residue. You can lubricate the teeth with a dry-zipper lubricant. If you find any broken zippers, replace them.
  • You can patch or replace the damaged tent’s mesh.
  • You never store a damp canopy tent. There is no such thing as much drying time after you clean your canopy tent.
  • It is ideal for storing your canopy tent loosely in a pillowcase or any mesh bag. The stuff bag it came in nicely compresses for transport, but it is not the best option for long-term storage as you want the tent fabric to ease and breathe.
  • The location is also essential. You can store your tent anywhere cool and dry place. You can avoid damp or hot areas comprising the garage, basement, or car trunk.
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