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A Big Camping Tent? 3 Things To Consider Before You Purchase

A Big Camping Tent? 3 Things To Consider Before You Purchase

Posted on: May 18th, 2021

Are you searching to purchase a big camping tent? There are three things to consider before you purchase. It can mean the difference between a perfect camping experience or a nightmare you as soon forget. If you may never buy a camping tent before, it is confusing and frustrating that you begin to think camping a tent is more hassle than fun. From castle princess tent to big square camp, there are several options. Nothing can beat camping out in the best outdoors.

Camping tents come in various shapes, colors, and sizes from A-frame, Umbrella, Dome, and Walled. One size most absolutely does not fit all. There are camping tents for one person all the way, around 10 to 12 people or a lot more. Finding a big tent is not hard if you follow these three steps to decide what size or type of camping tent you will want.

1. How Various Sardines?

If you purchase a tent too small, that’s the way you can feel, such as sardines in a can!

The first step initiate’s with a fundamental question of how many people will sleep in the tent? As the general rule for purchasing a big camping tent, that number is 5 to 6 people or more. For instance, they have two adults and four kids in a family; they need a large family camping tent. The average comfortable floor space desirable per person is around 30 to 35 square feet. So for their family would need a camping tent with 180 sq ft. of floor space, a 15×12 tent.

Moreover, this goes hand in hand with the size of the camping tent, which is the interior height. Not just in the center of the camping tent but the general area inside. In today’s big camping tents, a 6’ tall person can easily stand straight up in about every inch of the camping tent. The 15×12 camping tent has a center height of around 7’ 4,” and you are 6’ 5”. You can stand straight up just about everywhere inside the camping tent, even in the corners.

2. Privacy, Not Outside-Inside!

Next thing to focus

is if you have some privacy. Now, remember you may not get much after all. You are in a camping tent. But you can purchase camping tents that have two rooms or three rooms. Some tents are just screen dividers while people are more private. Depending on which camping tent you pick, you can have a space for your mom and dad, a room for your kids, separate rooms for boys and girls, etc., a room for all your equipment- lots of choices available. For instance, for kids, you can have a castle princess tent or car shape tent. Most of the large family camping tents made today have built-in rooms or a way to create a couple of rooms or many more. Some tents also have shelves and closets.

3. The Weather Outside- Frightful Or Delightful?

Camping is not a summertime event- you can go about anytime you need. Well, that is long like you have the right camping tent for the conditions. You have to check the weather rating of the camping tent; most have a rating of 3 which means the manufacturers design it for fair to suitable weather conditions can handle. The most average weathers in normal camping tent conditions are light to moderate rain, mild wind, etc. A camping tent with a rating of 4 is more for extreme conditions such as heavy rain, high winds, and snow.

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